Makercam not pulling correct svg from fusion

Why is my drawing getting pulled into makercam with the arcs backwards? the following are pictures of what gets pulled in

What gets pulled in

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I’ve seen that happen before also. The only solution I found was to convert the dxf to a .svg with a different program :cry:

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@galea_joe , Welcome to the forum!
So this was a dxf file?
@bar ,
Could Maslow Create be used to change files (in this case) as to standardize its function?
I’m not sure if I asked this question clearly.
I’m just thinking about user friendliness.
This is what a Yeoman wants (User friendliness)! There is some pre’dback for you. Feedback before I even tried it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

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If you are starting from Fusion 360, why are you jumping though hoops to use
makercam? the CAM functionality built into Fusion 360 is far superior to what
makercam can do.

There is even a post processor for Fusion 360 that is Maslow specific (you could use the grbl one as

David Lang