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Makermade software half-freezing after about 35seconds

Finally started my first cuts, and used the Candycane thing on MakerMades USB.
Turned it into GCode using Carbide.

I’m using the MakerVerse software.
So whats happening is it starts moving in the right way, all good. Then after 35-37 seconds, the screen kinda freezes, but the actual machine keeps moving along the path.
I can move my mouse, and can press the ‘Pause’ button, but the position figures and the animation don’t update. I can’t click anything else, and have to close the port to stop the machine, the load up another new project in order to un-freeze all the controls.

Beforehand, it did the same, but would randomly drop the z-axis right down, which caused the bit to snag and snap.

The only thing that MIGHT be a concern is that my Wifi is a bit spotty, but I don’t know why that would affect it.

Any ideas on what I can try? It just seems unreliable at the moment is all

@MakerMadeCNC Do you guys have any insights into what might be going on?