MakerVerse Machine and Work position on Z axis- not the same

Hi Guys,

Just got my M2 upgrade. I’m battling to ensure my Work and machine Z-axis is the same. I don’t know what I did wrong.


So at the moment, the Z-axis is not working perfectly at all. At home ( Zero at Z-axis) the machine thinks it is at -3.3. Please assist if you can I’m wiling to Anydesk or Teamviewer even at this point.

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Good luck here in the Forum. How many have this configuration to help?
If I had been in charge of the marketing, 10 controllers with a pre-release of the software would have been sent for free to the top 5 programmers and the top 5 testers/debugger ahead of time to secure support.
There are some guys looking into the Due-code that originated from here that might or might not be used by this software. No idea if they can help.
Do you know if this software has a “fake Servo” mode?
Hope you find another user with this setup who can help you out.

Kind regards, Gero


Thanks for the Quick response. Im not very clued-up with coding and such. I hope so aswell. I see their is a facebook page but im still waiting to be accepted…

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I have similar M2 Z-axis issues.
The machine / work zero seems to clear if I disconnect and power off then on the Due.
However my main issue is every time I plug in the USB and power up the Due it seems like the M2 tries to Hones the Z axis. Since there is no limiting switch I have to disconnect my z axis manually before it damages the motor coming up against the hard limit. Have you had this issue?

I also had to set: $3=128 , $102 = 550


I went and manually entered the Work area hight of the Z-axis to be the same as the machine height when it was against my board. Then zero the Work area again- This seems to have resolved the issue.

The issue you have I had with initial setup, Ensure that your Z-axis plate is about 40mm from the top when the Bit touches the work area. This will ensure that when you start the machine and the Z-axis moves up it won’t touch. Ill add a picture now.