X axis not parallel with work space

I have finally dialed in my M2 and it really does some nice cuts with great detail on some signs that I have made. However. My cuts are tilted a few degrees to the left while looking straight at it from the front. It use to do that when I got a couple of feet from center. The last sign I made was about a 16 x 26 inch rectangle and it tilted. This was quite close to the center. The x axis is not parallel with the bottom of the waste board. I’m using makerverse 1.0.6. I have upgraded firmware and calibrated. Not sure where to go from here.

if your beam is parallel to your work piece, then your home is not at dead center. 1.0.6 assumes that the motors are centered exactly with the work piece center. It is an alignment issue or one of your measurements is off. The only way I know to fix it is to upgrade your firmware, upgrade to 1.1.2 and do the calibration, so it can adjust for the offsets.

I have downloaded 1.1.2. It asked for user name and password so I entered it. It acted like it was starting up but it just gives me a black screen. It says makerverse at the top but I can get nothing else to show up. Any ideas?

I had the 1.1.2 working for a time but went back to the 1.0.6 because it seemed a little more user friendly. However. I have noticed in 1.0.6 that I can not zero out my “y” axis. I did all of my measurements again to find the exact center of my workspace and placed the sled there. Everything will zero out except my "y"axis. I says - 114.999 and everything else is 0. Nothing I do will put “y” at zero. I reloaded the 1.1.2 and I get nothing but a black screen. I have tried several times. I’m at a loss at this point.