Makerverse positioning doesn't reflect what gets cut

Hi all,
My process was pretty straightforward - set up all my workpieces in Easel, arranging them on the sheet to get good yield. Then I imported the gcode into Makerverse and adjusted the work offsets to get the machine to start cutting where I wanted it to, the upper left corner. It looked good to go.
However, when it started cutting, it started about 14" higher than expected. So a piece that was located 18" off the top edge in Makerverse was actually cut 4" off the top edge. Needless to say that didn’t work out.

Any idea what is wrong? The machine positioning seems to be ok - I drove it back to center and it seems to know where it is accurately. But something is way, way off when it goes to work. Calibration was pretty good - about 4mm. Would love to know the process to correct this.