Making a Wooden Clock

So I’ve decided to challenge myself a bit and try and make a wooden clock. I’ll document progress in this thread as I go.

Here’s the link to the plans if anyone is interested
(also check out some of his other models, absolutely amazing stuff)

I have had to convert the the plans all to metric to accomodate replacing some of the hardware with local metric parts. This has taken a bit more time than I anticipated, as some parts need to be tight fitting and others loose.

Just finished the CAM of the first set of parts ready to start cutting…

Will update when I have more :slight_smile:


any updates? seems like a really cool project. I’ve always built clocks like these by hand, it would be interesting to see how it turns out on the maslow

Not yet, too many projects on the go. Although the wife wants some things cut tomorrow so I might slide my stuff in at the same time.

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Well got the wife’s project done and all ready for her to start painting. Took a bit longer than anticipated as I lost one of the grub screws for the z axis coupler :sob:

Not I can get started on the clock this weekend hopefully


Haven’t been able to get the plywood I need for the clock cause of the Covid lockdown here, but we did manage to paint the nutcracker.