Yeoman's Project Log

I will go with what I call a ScrumdyRUN! A running tab in the fashion of @ScrumdyBum and his Random Projects!
With the props out of the way I will begin with the first completed project that wasn’t just from someone else’s file :grin: Thanks to all!
Tomorrow is my Daughter’s 13th birthday and I thought I’d scramble to get something done on “The Machine”.

My wife is already on board with the maslow as you can tell by the nice bag she has sewn for our daughter’s new Color Dot Puzzle. The puzzle looks easier than it is. It is fashioned after a game called “Drive Ya Nuts” that has numbers and (of course) hexagonal pieces. 2 inch rounds with drill operation dots… 1/4 inch bit. 5 minutes a piece. My wife also painted the colors! I finished it with one rubbing of butcher block oil.


Nice! Also the bag is really well made. One lucky daughter :slight_smile:

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ScumdyRUN lol I love it

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I’m glad that it basically leads to your post as well!:sunglasses:

I cut this 6" Heart shaped box for my oldest daughter after a failed attempt at a pencil box. incidentally (based on the fail) I believe the final sled should be cut 90 degrees so that the grain doesn’t usually want to lock into the work piece (if they are somewhat rough). Over all I am glad that she didn’t get a drab pencil box but in fact a LOVEly box :green_heart:


Very cool!

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I almost forgot… When learning to work with MakerCAM I cut the actual board that my chisels go through to be organized

I threw the rest together from stuff I cut off of my temporary sled and put a french cleat on it.


Thanks to all who talked me through this one! What an awesome group we have! This is the gcode/ sled not keeping up/ sliced/ repaired/ I could go on :roll_eyes: But we did it! :grinning:
You’ll see why I believe the devil was fighting me on this one!

It’s a file that should be repeated in mdf.
About 24" wide. 6-7 hour cut (broken up).
Can’t wait to get a gcode optimizer going!


My family owns and operates the local music store and I thought I’d cut some stuff for them. :bow_and_arrow:

These guitar pick trays are around 7.25 inches long.
I cut the first ones from MDF and plan to cut some from solid pine that I have in stock. 1/4" bit took around an hour due to excessive z action.:man_shrugging: You can sort of see the tabs on the ends. I thought they looked good in the midst of sanding them away. Like a detail otherwise unatainable.:sunglasses:


It has been awhile since I have cut something as I was spending my time financing my shop. :pray: Excited to be back, I have cut a fastener organizer and plan on cutting many more for my French cleat system. Also I have included a picture of a pencil holder for the cleats that I salvaged from the pencil box cut fail I mentioned a while back. I can easily pick it up and turn it around to choose a pencil that actually has an eraser!

I left room at the top of the fastener holder for labeling. FYI: a pint Mason jar seems perfect for a pound of screws. That may be already known but I kinda thought it was “Pinteresting” :thinking:.


Do you have the g code for the guitar body? Is it free or do you require a donation?


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To clarify: these are About 7" pick trays shaped like a guitar body. I could probably figure out how to share the G-Code but I could also share the process I use and it can be used for many things (other than these pick trays). It allows me to choose any .png image (like what can be designed on or copied to a paint program) and turn it into an .nc file (G-Code). Let me know what would help you out the most. :relaxed: AND WELCOME TO THE FORUM! :tada:

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Hi Yeoman,

Thanks for your reply. I did a bit of internet research and found and few articles on how to convert pictures to vectors in Adobe Illustrator and managed to cut a guitar shape(telecaster body) using G code from makercam.
Getting the correct scale is still a hassle but I will get there. I am still sorting out my Maslow and waiting for z axis motor from China. Rigid routers are not available in Australia and finder reasonable substitute is ongoing.

Thanks again


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That is exciting. As much as I like the Ridgid router itself, I wish that I had added a z-axis from the beginning. It is still the biggest issue on going. I have to bite the bullet and build a different one. Did you order a complete unit from China? I would love to know what caught your eye.
@Cbolt360 gave me a link to a tutorial that helps you turn .png to .svg with Inkscape. We’ll have to share techniques.

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While I’m not too sure of the requirements of MakerCam, when I want to machine an image I just convert it to a dxf file with a website like and open that file with my CAM software to program the toolpaths. I used this website to convert the Maslow logo for the Bosch POF 1200 Z axis mount below -


Hi Adam,

I bought the Z axis motor from and the Coupler from

I have a Chinese copy of a Makita variable speed trim router which has a geared height adjustment which I am hoping to attach the Z axis motor to or I move onto Plan B and make a height adjustment unit for my old Makita router.

I am still waiting for the Z axis motor to arrive, hopefully this week. I added my version of the ring system which seems to work fine but the top bracket is under a lot stress and may need to be replaced.

When I bought the Maslow system I could not purchase all the parts, I sourced the chain, arduino board, 6 pin motor connectors and extra sprockets from china because nobody in Brisbane, Australia stocked the parts.

My reason for buying the Maslow was to make guitar parts and making guitars is my hobby which is ironic because I have played piano for the past 54 years.




A couple of things I cut in the last few days for my cousin Chuck (mechanic) for Christmas. The wrench/invoice & keys holder was ordered by his wife. The “Chuck Engine” sign is from me.

Merry Christmas to All!


They look fantastic! Great job! And Merry Christmas to you too!

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This project is two fold. (1) I needed to start getting this machine dialed in and needed to start somewhere. (2) I know I will need this part (in black) reproduced readily soon. It is a piece of a system I am developing and it needs to be repeatable. Tolerances aren’t super sensitive so it was a candidate for this experiment.
You can see the difference clearly:

You can also see by the light shining through the “should have been cut out” part that my Z-Axis is also not traveling far enough. I do not know what to do with the machine to make it more accurate. I don’t want to have to add percentages to the numbers to make it ok but I will if I have to.:grimacing:

I was working on a couple of projects recently to help a friend of mine who got his first commercial job as a contractor. I was able to work some on site but best of all he had me cut some stuff for him on the Maslow. Also other things straight from my shop!

I was able to cut the letters for the Kairos Coffee Clock & the Heading letters for the Menu boards (not the tiny letters in the wood frames). I was also commissioned to make the coffee table at the town’s new coffee house! It features a “raw” keyboard from a piano I dismantled years ago and “decopaged” sheet music under the glass top.
I also converted the carcass from the dismantled piano into the mixing station at Kairos Coffee. Also, the slabs that I was flattening in my Offerman post were used for the live edge floating tables.
The illuminated sign was cut by another one of my friends on his Laguna :sunglasses:.