Makita Compact Router with cnc maslow

I have a Makita compact cordless Router. And I’m having trouble installing Z-axis onto the router. Please help.

Without knowing your sled setup and what type of z axis you have it’s quite hard to help.

Please post pictures and some more detailed questions.

I don’t think a cordless router is the way to go with maslow. No battery system can keep up with the length of time it takes for a project.

This is my sled setup and I don’t know how to install the Z-axis in this router. I guess I have to change the router, right?

Are there any extra parts that I need to get to install the Z-axis on this router?

Not sure I can help with the setup of that router other than you need to make sure you have it centered in the ring. I will, however, completely agree with @TimS here and say that a cordless router is a horrible option for ANY CNC type of machine. You never know when a battery will die, and if it does in the middle of a cut, will will most likely break a bit (at the least) or do some serious damage to your machine. A CNC will run smoothly as long as the bit is cutting. If that bit stops cutting, the motors moving the machine will keep moving and that is when bad things happen.

As for your Z-set up, search the forum here for Z-axis set ups (Meticulous Z comes to mind here) on how to get that taken care of. I would also highly recommend using more screws to hold that ring in place. The motors can put a huge amount of force on the sled, and could potentially rip those 2 screws per leg out very easily. This looks like you are setting up a temp sled so you can cut your final sled? Revisit the instructions on how to do that so you can ensure you have everything worked out.