Makita M3600 Router in Australia

in Australia which routers are being used. am looking at the Makita M3600

unless you want to design your own z axis best to stick with the default ridged/AEG brand. Link below comes with plunge base, but you can probbaaly buy with just standard base if you wanted.

will the AEG unit fit inside the Ring? Also how does the Z fit on I can not see any screw thread? The M3600 that I am looking at has a threaded screw that when the knob is removed the Z servo will attach too. Was hope some will have some photo of their installation in Australia. M3600 comes in 3/8 or 1/2" 10 ro 12.7mm versions

it’s the exact same thing as the ridged except the handles are different, made by same company in china, just read the default instructions and it should work fine for your needs.

here is the Z axis we built was easy to do

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