Makita M3600G 1650w is a good choice?

Hi guys! My first post here.

I will start to assemble my Maslow and tomorrow and will buy the router. Is the makita m3600G
a good choice? I will use Z axis.


Are you in Australia? Some folks have had good luck with the Bosch POF line of routers which are similar.


There is even an adapter kit available which you can learn more about here:

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Hi !! How are you?
No I’m in Chile. I asked for that one because it is in offer in some hardstores here.
But thanks for your answer, i was in doubt if it was a good choice because of weight, format and power.
In that case i have an option to buy the Stanley SRR1200

that have 1200W instead 1650W of Makita, but how i’m newbee on that, i don’t know if less power could be a problem in the future.

Regards !

The power will not be an issue at all, all of these routers are very powerful. The tricky part is how to attach the z-axis to the router. These routers are different from the Ridgid router which can make attaching the z-axis difficult. What you need is a router with a knob which you can turn to set the router depth.

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