Manually Reset Chains and Machine Position Error in WebControl

I’m stuck with an Unable to find valid machine position error after triangular calibration in webcontrol.

Every time I manually reset the chains, it tells the Maslow that both the left and right motor are at 1650.99 instead of 1651. Anyone else have this issue?

I plan to switch to holey calibration and see if that resolves the error.

Do you think 10 micrometers is a significant error for this machine?

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Not at all, but when the machine won’t cut because it throws an error every time I try to set the chain lengths, I consider that a significant error :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about 1650.99. something else is going on. What size top beam do you have?

Standard 10 ft.

I’ll add this too: I had a power outage during a cut a while back and I’ve been having this issue since that happened, but I thought recalibrating would fix things.

If you lose power you need to either recalibrate or reset the chain lengths (if
you marked them)

the ‘cannot calculate position’ error says tht the machine cannot figure out
where you are, so this has not happened.

if you clear the log file, then set the chain lenths, you will see in the log
file where it sets the lengths and then it should have a position.

David Lang