Maslow CNC Jumpstart Kit Z axis issues

I purchased the Jumpstart kit from Maker Made in the fall last year and I have been recently trying to get it setup. After some initial issues with the chain and bungee cord setup, after upgrading to the spring setup and changing the chain locations, I believe I have that part nailed down.

I have not been able to calibrate the machine at all. The Z-axis constantly pops out of my Ridgid R2901 router. The recommended Ridgid router is not available in Canada, where I’m located, but the R2901 is supposed to be our version of it. I have seen some people recommend bungee cord setups over top of the router itself to help push it down when plunging. I have two setup over top of my router and still the tab pops out of the router body. My first calibration cut went right through my 3/4" plywood test sheet and into the 3/4" plywood waste board behind, instead of the 1/4" that it was supposed to cut.

Any tips to get this machine running would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have the lock tightened down? There is a nut on the clasp mechanism which lets you adjust how tightly that clamping mechanism clamps and it needs to be pretty loose.

When trying to set my zero for the z-axis, I left the router as it came from factory originally and it popped out. I then tightened it thinking that it was too loose and it popped out again. I loosened it and it popped out. I added the bungee cords and had the side lock clamp open and was able to get it to stay while I zeroed the z-axis. I ran the calibration test with the clamp open and the tab popped out and the router plunged all the way through.

Does it pop put even if the clasp isn’t clasped at all?

It could be that the little red piece which engages the router is broken. That has happened before.

Yes it was popping out with the clasp open. So I ended up taking the z axis from the router frame itself out and bending the spring backwards a bit to give it more tension and then reassembled it. So far that seems to be working

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