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Hello Fellow Maslowians.
I am new to the Maslow community and have purchased a first generation Màslow on eBay and noticed this quite old a machine compared to the Maslow 2 ór the Maslow 4 which it seems many of you have. My question is will the machine I have now become obsolete and not be able to find software compatible for it? If it isn’t already obsolete.
You see I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into. Maybe your all a bunch of rich kids that can easily adapt to the latest evolution of Maslow quite easily financial wise. I on the other hand am no spring chicken and on a fixed income and admit getting into this at my age is quite intimidating. I wonder if I’ll be able to hang with you geniuses.
One thing I can say in my favor is that I’m a quick study and skilled with carpentry and mechanical attributes.
I simply want to know will the first generation of Maslow’s become obsolete?

It isn’t obsolete. Software still exists for the earlier versions and will be around for a long time. The software likely will not see any updates/improvements though.

Once you get it set up. You can send me a DM and I’ll provide my phone # and talk you through any problems. It can be intimidating at first.

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‘software for the maslow’ is many layers

CAD, create the design
CAM, convert the design to gcode
controller, send the gcode to the system
firmware, receive the gcode and drive the motors

firmware and controller software isn’t going to be getting a lot of work, but it
hasn’t been changing much recently anyway.

most of your time is spent in the CAD/CAM space and that is pretty indepenent of
what machine you are running.

David Lang

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The one you bought is a first gen or classic. The m2 has a different motor control board and processor but still uses chains like the classic. There is no 3. The 4 is due out soon and runs with 4 belts rather than chains, but is still in development after the Kickstarter in August. Nobody has a 4 yet. We all still have classics or 2’s. Some of us have 2 classics.


Thank you for bringing this info forward to me now I don’t feel so obsolete. Good to know that many still have 1st Gen. I can’t wait to have :+1: mine up and making stuff. I feel like I can do this. BTW Congrats on getting your operations in one place. The new operations center looks amazing. I’ve never been to Oregon or Seattle Washington . The Great Northwest! Looks amazing except for the homeless problem and the rain and did I mention the rain…Well I don’t have to worry about that I live in Florida where there’s so much sunshine that you’ll wish it would rain. Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways aaaah! The English language it’ll get you every time.
In case this didn’t get to the right liaison pass it on…

Sounds encouraging to say the least. Is this why I see so many posts .Maslow hardly used in great shape complete. I hope I don’t end up on this category of Maslow wannabees. I see your name alot you must be one of the founder pioneers. I hope we meet in person one day at one of the maker fairs or open source forums.
This stuff is so exciting to me.
This coupled with my guitar making skills will be quite a quantum leap for me as a designer of stringed instruments.
I’m looking forward to staying in this community of people and ideas and contributing whatever I can to the community at large.

You might try the zoom meeting referenced in the Maslow forum, time and sign on at the bottom. Can’t get to the meeting number the password is make it. 1pm central time on Thursday. Not to many attend, I try when I am home . Next week.

I’m not following you here. What Zoom meeting? Where is it advertised?

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I posted too soon. You mean the weekly Q&A on the Makermade website, right? I was thrown off because I think of this website as the “Maslow forum”.

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Maslow resources ….

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 853 6611 3933
Passcode: make it

Time 1:00 pm Central Time on Thursday

I try to connect when I am home in my shop. Just a good way to find others and compare notes.

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first I’ve heard of it.

David Lang

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