Maslow exposed to the elements?

I’m on the “reserve” list that MAY see a machine in a couple of months, so I don’t have the motors or electronics in hand. However, my machine would be destined for a fairly exposed spot. Under a roof, but otherwise exposed to the admittedly mild environment of Southern California.

Does anyone have experience with how robust and weatherproof these drive motors are? They won’t get rained on or see freezing conditions, but they will be exposed to morning dew and desert heat.

In the alternative, should I be thinking of finding some way to remove the motors and electronics when not in use? Has anyone else done something similar? I don’t expect the Maslow to be used daily or even weekly, so a moderate amount of setup before use is not a big issue.

I’m also in southern california (Simi Valley) and I would be worried about
leaving things directly exposed, but as much due to the wood warping as anything

The chain will rust (lubricate accordingly).

as for the motors/electronics, cover them so they are not directly exposed and
they will last a fair while.

David Lang

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Thank you. I won’t worry about it too much. I’ll probably place ziploc bags over the motors, and take similar precautions. I won’t try to make it something that can be quickly disassembled and stored. As I said, it’s not going out in the open, just not in a sealed building either.

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