Maslow Inkjet Printer

Some where in my collection of things I have one of these I didn’t open yet -

I wonder how much work it would be to get this to work. I also wonder how much space you could cover with 1 high capacity cartridge.

Thank you

i thought i was the only one with a box like that. First world problems :slight_smile:

It would indeed make a bigass printer, but wouldn’t the sled make smugdes by running over the paper before the ink is dry?

Oh I love the idea of labeling parts as it’s cutting. Being wood (mostly) I doubt drying time would be an issue at all.

Why was i thinking about printing on paper, you could print pictures on a huge piece of plywood. Consider me interested, if i run out of things i wanna cut, i might look into this.
If smudges would appear, you could mount a hairdryer on the sled.

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