Issue when calibrating constanly moving up

Setting up for the first time using new firmware and new software version. In setup when I try to move up or down left or right to calibrate it starts up and won’t stop.

M2? did you reset the chains first? / set home before doing anything else even if it wasn’t exactly at the home position?

I did and fixed it from moving. Now when I go to calibrate and try to move the sled I get a change in sound pitch like it’s going to move and then does nothing.

Not sure where to set home in the new version no button not sure of the command $SH?

new version set home is reset chains. once you reset chains, you need to set the distance you move and then move it to center and start the calibration. there is a video link in this post for calibration.

That’s the point I am at. I reset chains then go to calibrate to move the sled but I am unable to move either motor. By the way thanks for the responses awesome

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press unlock? or reset and then unlock

I did try the reset and nothing as well as chain reset. Ill get a tone pitch like its going to start to move and then does not.