Maslow vs cold weather

I am on the verge of getting my Maslow up and running. It is set up in a mostly unheated basement. With New England winters the way they are can anyone give me insight into how the cold will affect my machine? Will I need to keep a space heater going all winter or just do a preheat before operation?

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There’s very little about the Maslow that will be affected by the cold. The things I can think of are:

  1. the lubricants could get more viscous (chain is where this might matter), and
  2. the change in temperature would make the machine shrink a bit. Don’t know if it would be significant enough to affect the calibration, so let’s run some numbers. If you have a 10’ unistrut crossbar with a coefficient of expansion α = 6e-6 /F (a typical number that I just pulled from my…memory) and a change in temperature from 65 to 20 F, the change in length is ΔL/L = (1 + αΔT)^2 which yields ΔL = 0.065", about a sixteenth of an inch. That sounds like it might throw things off, although all the other metal parts would shrink at about the same rate. Assuming this is indeed a problem, you would either have to preheat the room for long enough to warm up the metal parts, or recalibrate for cold weather.

The router should work fine in the cold.


I’ve used mine in the shed at minus 10 centigrade. Seemed to be fine to me.


I used mine in the garage in winter here in Montana; worked fine with temps in the garage around 30-35 F. It never got colder than that in my garage.


I used mine in an uninstalled cargo trailer all last winter. I’m located in the Boston area myself, so very similar latitude to yourself. I can’t remember what the coldest it was this winter, but it was regularly in 10-30 deg out there. I sure was cold, but the machine didn’t mind.