Z Axis kit or not?

Hi. I’m going to purchase my Maslow kit and would like feedback on whether or not I should buy a Z axis kit? I think I heard where someone said they don’t use one because simple is better. True? Help?

You will for sure want one, is my opinion. You will cut your projects in paths with different depths. You don’t want to adjust the router manually 3 to 4 times to get through your workpiece. Go for it I would say.
Edit: I assume you mean the Z-Axis.

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The kit automates the depth of the router for you . I would also say it depends on if your going to use the “default” Rigid router as the kit is designed for it. This offers the best value if in your space convenience trumps cost.

Thank you


If I hadn’t bought the z-axis kit, I would be kicking myself and giving up in frustration. I cannot imagine how ‘un-fun’ it would be to have to constantly adjust the depth of the cut manually… especially when doing tabs… so I don’t try to imagine it and go on living in the blissfulness of z-axis automatedness.


Great feedback from all of you and thank you ! I will be getting it ! Woohoo!