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Material placement on frame after Easel

I just ordered an M2. This is my first CNC so I am trying to learn everything I can before it arrives.

My question is in regards to where I should place my project wood on the frame after saving the G code in easel.

Everything I’ve watched and read so far seems to say that in Easel I should make the center of my design be centered at 0, 0 (bottom left corner of the easel workspace) where the actual center of the design would be in that corner and part of the project would appear outside the bounds of the work space. Assuming home on my M2 is set dead center of my 4x8 plywood, as I understand it; I should place my project wood where it is perfectly centered on the 4x8 plywood.

Is that correct? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


I vary my home point (bottom left in Easel) for my Maslow depending on where my wood is best placed, or, if working with a left over from an older cut, where there is enough wood left that I can use. I just set the new home to the bottom left of the wood piece I am using. It is just a click (at least in WebControl).

It will become obvious after the first couple of cuts.

Enjoy your CNC!


In makerverse, you drive the sled to the new home position and click the zero x and zero y buttons to set the work home. Machine home is set by resetting chains.

In webcontrol you right click and set home for your cut. You can reset the home position to the machine origin if you want, but generally you won’t need to unless you have a 4x8 cut and need the entire work space.

I use the current router position most of the time. It is much more precise than me trying to hit the correct point on the screen :smiley:


With mouse, I can use the coordinates to pinpoint where it will fit and place it. Using a tape measure and my phone to move and place it also works, but takes longer.