Work positioning from Easel to Makerverse

Hi all, I’m trying to cut my first project. I’ve been digging through the forum here and cannot find an answer to this question.
I followed along with this youtube video: to get started. Of course, this video is based on going from Easel to GroundControl, so it’s a bit out of date here and there.

My issue is that I want to set the work start position pretty close to 0,0, i.e. I want to cut starting in the lower left corner. I have it set that way in Easel, and there is a bit in the video where it talks about being a good idea to set it up at 0,0 rather than dead center. However, importing the gcode into Makerverse sets the start position at 0, -390mm. I have no idea why, and I can’t move it to where I want. I thought perhaps I had accidentally exported my gcode with some Easel Pro features inadvertently turned on, but that isn’t the case. I have tried several iterations of setting up the Position tab in easel to try and get it to start where I want and no matter what I do, makerverse starts it at x:0, y-390
if not, how do I set this up in Easel so that it doesn’t move the work start to a random position when I import into Makerverse? or is this just what it does and you manually change it once you have imported?
Thanks very much!

Drive the sled to where you want home to be and use the zero for the x and then y axis in the shuttle toolbar on the right where the location is shown.


So, if I want to cut in the lower left corner, drive the sled to the lower left corner and then set the work position X and Y to zero, and then run?

That should do it. You will see the drawing update on the screen in the work area once you change the zero location.

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got it. keep the home position as true 0,0 and lay everything out around that to get a good yield.
For some reason, Makerverse has reversed my X and Y values such that what should be -250mm is actually 250mm. So left/right and up/down are reversed. Any idea how that happened or what can be done about it? i did a full calibration and reset chains and nothing. The machine also can’t do the go-to-home sequence. It just sits there when you hit that button.
thanks much for your time!

I don’t know about makerverse, but that sounds like you flipped from chains over
to chains under feed from the sprockets (don’t know where that setting in in

David Lang

in the config / setting section, there is a $3 command that sets the x-y directions. This is the GRBL system that the cnc runs so I pulled the GRBL table of that setting…

typically the maslow runs $3=4, but depending on which one is reversed, you might need to change that number. There should be an option in calibration where you select chains over or under the sprockets and that will change this value for you. Double check your initial setup in the calibration and then as a last resort, you can manually change this, but I would do the calibration setup first.

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Thanks very much. I will check that out. It’s possible that I clicked the wrong setting for the chains .

Thank you, it’s certainly possible. I’ll check