Unable to cut full sheets Please help

I’m new to this, I have been able to make small project the start from a Z in the center with no problems.
Now I’m ready to move to larger projects. When I make my project with Easel everything looks great, start in the lower right corner of the board and using the full sheet of plywood.
When I download the G-code and load it into Makerverse it still starts in the Center Z point and everything is off the board. Can someone please let me know what I’m doing wrong or setting I’m missing.


you need to move the sled and then zero the x and y work axis. it is the right column of the sled location on the right of the screen.



On the Maslow, 0,0 is defined to be the middle of the workpiece, you can drive
the sled to a new location and define that point at 0,0.

the best thing to do is to change you CAD work to put 0,0 in the middle of your

David Lang


As dlang mentioned. Set up your board on easel with the center as home (x0,y0) then when you load the gcode it should appear at the center of your board and not off the board.

I find Carbide Create very easy to set up and use in this aspect along with it having more capabilities, instructional videos, and it’s free as well.


Please explain how this relates to a DIY router kit that uses bicycle chains and is mostly made from plywood? You sell industrial parts that often cost more than the total cost of a Maslow CNC.