Metal CNC kit for purchase

Hey just wondering if the Metal Kit was ever put into production? I am looking into doing some machining, mostly Aluminium and saw the kit in the store, but no like to actually order? Thanks for the awesome posts in the forum and also any feedback y’all have.


Hi Seth,

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If I am not mistaken, the “metal maslow” was with reference to the sled and framing, and not to the material to be cut. There have been people on the forum that have had success cutting aluminum, so depending on exactly what you want to cut, the Maslow could work for you. You may want to search the forum to see what’s been done with aluminum cutting before making your decision, then either look in the swap meet section for people selling their kits, or there are a couple of vendors that are selling kits, including this thread

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how thick of aluminum do you want to “machine”? Generally speaking the thinner the better
6061 aluminum is the easiest to machine and is available in 1/8" or thicker pieces, I have never seen it in thinner sheets. 5052 is ok, and 3003 alloy is horrible to machine; tends to get stuck in the router bit. only single upcut flutes shoudl be used
I would not try to cut anything thicker than 1/8" aluminum and would only recommend 6061 or 5052 is used, which is about $125 to $175 a 4x8’ sheet.

Previous poster is right, the “metal maslow” is named because the sled is metal, not because it was designed to cut metal per say. we are aiming to ship mid april to late april and will be taking initial orders soon.