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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


looks good!

David Lang


So will this kit include everything? nothing else to buy except the wood for the stand?


It is a complete kit.


No more buying out the supply of router depth adjust buttons!


Some more photos showing shielded motor cable with ferrite. Should reduce noise issues from router
And shiny nickel plated chains which Won’t rust unless really abused


This is so cool! It’s great to see y’all not only making sure kits stay available but pushing the design forwards. Awesome.


Bar, have you helped out or worked with them on this system as well?


We are going to ship Bar a unit for him to check out by the end of this month. We used his same motor vendors. But for all the other parts we sourced from different vendors because as initial post indicated we are trying to improve all the issues with original design


That is awesome!!!


I’ve talked to them and put them in contact with all of our suppliers. Like @Metalmaslow says they are taking the design and pushing it forwards so they needed less from me, but I have emailed with them and our suppliers also


@Metalmaslow will it be late nov? Any indication yet?


I’m very interested in the Metal Maslow kit.
I’ll keep checking to see when it is available


Looking good, count me in as very interested! In the first photo from this update it appears that you have the Rigid router mounted. Can you confirm the kit w/o router will be compatible with the Rigid? Thanks for keeping us informed!


I know the original kits are being sold again. I did pre-ordered one of them. However I still want one of your metal kits. I don’t know how much interest is in this type of project, so i am just leting you know i will still purchase your version. i am sure there are others who will do the same as prices are close enough and yours is much more sturdy.


Working on the laser cut sled
weight is about 22lbs and with optional weight to make it 26 total lbs with router
Testing perimeter plastic vs cutting boards
The linkage kit seems to work well with bronze olite bearings and welded router clamp seems accurate


That’s a bit on the heavy side, if you can make it lighter, that would be good. We know that when you get up to 30 pounds, that is too heavy for the current motors (especially with the stock controller).

The test is to make a cut across the top of the workspace, if the motors can’t handle the weight, the cut will sag and then curve up at the end.


Looking pretty good! I have a load of questions…

It looks like the center linkage bar in on the right hand side (of the picture) is upside down?
I assume the small center holes on the linkage pieces is for the chain attachment, what are the other two holes for?
Do the two linkages anchor on different planes (to keep them from rubbing where they cross) or do you rely on flex?
With a known router and z-axis setup why did you choose to make the linkages so large?


Actual total sled weight as shown is 18 lbs There will be two 4 lbs optional weights (not shown) to increase weight to 22 or 26 lbs. I am just assuming people will use at least one of those weights.

The reason for 3 holes on the linkage kit is to allow chain mounted via a quick release pin or center wire. I will post photo latter.

You are right the 9” on center linkages look huge on a 12” sled. I might try some smaller sizes like 7”

The cross crossing arms are spaced to be on different planes with washers offsetting them.


Hows the balance point of the sled? I assume the spacers can be readily replaced with different lengths? I always seem to thick the cbeam Zaxis kits will have a high COG… but I don’t know if the weight is significant compared to the router.


Correct just use more spacers to adjust. With palm router spacers need to be about 1.5” tall. Since the metal base is heavy it brings down the center of gravity significantly.