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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


Please count me in, would love to order a metal Maslow as soon as they are available.

Is there any chance of adapting a noise reduction housing to the sled? Not sure if that would overheat the router. I feel like since the metal sled is enclosing the cut, there’s more opportunity for noise reduction than with something like a router table.


Do not enclose the router - I have seen it kill other systems in just over an hour!!!

Thank you


If serious noise reduction is an important goal look at using a CNC spindle instead.

I believe there’s been a few Maslovians that have used the smaller 400-500W brushed DC spindles popular with the X Carvers, but I lean towards the 800 to 1500W VFD controlled ones. More power Scottie! There’s been discussions of water vs air cooled on (and elsewhere, giggle, duckduckmoose^^^^^go, bingbang, etc). Water’s supposedly slightly quieter, air’s easier, supporters on both sides. Think I’d try air cooled first, less ice and algae.

Box in a router and any sound reduction will be made up by a big honking cooling fan - unless you count the dead silence of the uncooled smoking hulk before the fire engines arrive


People enclose compressors, shop vacs and other systems all the time. as long as their is good airflow, you will be fine, the problem is you need holes for good air flow, and for the chains to move as well as for things like vacuum dust extraction and each one of these holes lets noise escape. Using smaller motors that make less noise to begin with is a good start, but most noise seems to come from the actually cutting of wood.


Thanks for putting the work in to make this kit. I am very interested in purchasing once it becomes available.


Hi, I’m also interested by your metal maslow kit, where can I send you my email ?


I’m interested in knowing when these kits go on sale.


This is great. I’ll be interested in picking one up in a few months. Gotta let the wallet recover from Christmas and wait for the garage to warm up enough to actually spend any time out there. Idaho winters can be cold and I don’t want to be working in my garage if the high for a day is -5 F.


Is there a complete list of what exactly will be included in the Kit?


Count me in for a kit… I ordered the parts from maslow surplus but canceled the order because I was confused about completing the project.


And as long as the shipment from China comes on time late to early dec
First post lists major components


I would like to purchase a kit once it is available.


I would like to purchase a kit. I just broke my my power controller (dropped the smoke alarm while installing it - it clipped the heatsink) and stripped off one of the chips.


Search the forum for Blue Smoke Herder, or maybe try BSH


I will buy one as soon as they’re ready! Please let me know.


I’d like to be notified as well as soon as they become available to order! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m really interested in buying the new Maslow kit. Please notify me when they will be available for purchase.
Thank you.


waiting waiting waiting…


Late November from the post 21 days ago; use your browser’s search backwards on this page to find posts by Metalmaslow for the latest information.

They’re not taking your money until they actually have product to ship, no preorders and definitely not Kickstarter. While that requires more patience it’s a really good way to do business.

Expect them to go fast when all the bits and pieces arrive on the container ship. Hopefully the moose will be quick enough and not on the road somewhere


Just some updates aluminum tube with fan is arduino enclosure. We have the z mount clamps designed to work with any cylindrical shaped router and we finally got an order in for some laser cut parts
I know the waiting is long. But I hope wait will be worth it