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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


one question on the spacers, when under full tension, do they flex sideways?


You can include me in the list of potential buyers, please


Definitely interested in this kit.


Add me to the list.



where do i sign?

Do we have an adjusted ETA now we are in November? I have some toy ideas I want to make for my daughters for Christmas and having this up and running would help significantly,

also any idea on shipping to the UK?


I am also interested.


Unfortunately looks like december at this point. Had a mistake on the pitch on z axis and wiring harnesses. Sorry. Will start doing reservations soon

Good news is second batch of 100 should only take about a month after first batch


I’d like one from the second batch please


What type of metals are used in this construction? Are they likely to rust if used in coastal regions with salty air conditions? Will you list the material specifications? Thanks


Wow, I almost bought the kit from MakerMade… Glad I waited! I signed up to the forum from months of lurking just to post on this thread. Hi everyone!!

I am interested!! I have sent you an email via your website’s contact page and look forward to getting the invite to purchase. I am ready to go and have most of the frame built. All I need now is the kit!


This is now one of my “favorite things”!
“You get a kit and YOU get a kit…”


The chains are nickel plated for protection from rust. You can buy stainless steel chains but they are pretty expensive. The nickel platting was only a few dollars more. Sled will be painted so rust should not be an issue. Salt water is pretty corrosive so best to keep up normal maintenance like chain lubrication

In short it should be much better than stock original kit but not indestructible.


what about the linkage arms? I did the top mount kit from stainless because any
paint would wear away.

David Lang


Wow, put me on the list as well!


The arms will either be stainless or galvanized. Honestly do not think rust will be an issue.


If I haven’t already ask…please sign me up for the first batch as well! Thanks!


Is there an ETA when kits will be ready? I requested to be notified months ago and keep checking your page.


I second Doc here -> also what will the process be to ensure getting in the first batch?


Trust me I want to start selling ASAP as well. Everything from China has been paid just a waiting game at this point. The delays are only temporary.
With any new endeavor the first batch is always the hardest. Consolidation of all parts in China should happen next week. Shipment around late dec or early Jan by the latest


Is the signup list just a reply here? Please let me know the instant I can give you money for this! Routerless version if you please.


I’ll buy one immediately. Let me know how to pay. I need the kit without router, but with the 3D printed ring for the Ridgid 22002 router.