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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


You know, I am curious about something…

It is clear this is the most superior kit being made right now. MetalMaslow has been transparent, honest, genuinely as excited as all of us. He/she has spent a lot of time on testing and sourcing and has a great price for a far superior kit. I also like how there is no pre-order and the only monies taken are for kits given. This is old school business on a handshake, sell a great product (that is actually in stock) at a fair price and offer great service.

Why is maslow not partnering with you directly to funnel all kit sales to you like they are the other maker? Why are you not the “official” maker of Maslow kits now?

I mean no disrespect and have nothing against other makers, it just seems to make sense to send as much traffic as possible to the best maker so that you can buy 1000 or 5000 motors, 1000 cbeams, etc… It just seems we have several people making kits that seem to be having the same issues: meeting MOQ limits, testing platforms, software, etc. All of which would go away if there was one central point of engineering and sales. I get that this is open source, btw…

What am I missing here?

Please don’t misunderstand this post, I am not trying to insult anyone nor is this meant to disparage anyone. I really am just curious…


The originals will stay Hannah, Bar and their team. If they shipped 3000 kits, hand packed with all materials, I understand that they are taking a break. The logistics must be crazy.
It’s good to see that others are filling the gap.
A far as I remember (the one and only) Maslow Team had talks with several companies and decided against a join venture.

You can source all needed parts by yourself, it’s just not laid out on a silver platter.
As long as the idea of Open Source is maintained, I welcome every new supplier of kits and parts I might need.
As long as no one tries to put a lid on Open Source, the spirit of Maslow will continue to make woodchips around the world.

Just 1 opinion.
Regards, Gero


I do not think there is an official Maslow maker is there? We have been in contact with other Maslow start ups but since we are shipping from USA and they are shipping from China it is not as practical to cooperate our efforts. Shipping from China is smart for international sales. It is probably cheaper that way.

This is an open market who ever sells first gets the sale. Who ever has the best product and service survives in the long run. Thanks


Well, I fully support you, the way you do business and your product. Thanks for putting this kit together.


Let me Backup the Cart on this conversation. The Maslow is an Open Source project. This means there are Main and Major Contributors but not technical Owners. We as a community own, share and improve the design. Anyone that wants to can pick up and make kits and sell them. There is no one best choice, choice is a matter of Needs, Means, Ambition.

I have spoken with 2 of the main kit producers here. The idea is completion is good. A better feature is better if you can afford it and it benefits you.

just my opinion

Thank you


I’m interested in the kit without a router. I have the Ridgid 22002 and can use it. I will need the clamp for it. Can you let me know how to order? I see your site isn’t fully set up yet because I was able to put things in the cart but not checkout.



Goods finally left China. ETA Jan 6 in USA. I’ll post here when ready to order


To add to @Bee’s comments, while it is apparent that Bar and Hannah have had more direct contact with the MakerMade folks, they have expressed support for both MakerMade and MetalMaslow as suppliers. I think both products fill a need, and provide a little stability, that is, they provide a backup for each other so the community will hopefully never be without at least one supplier.


Maybe I missed it here, but did you get the Ridgid router to work properly with the faster Z axis and C beam, and did you end up going with the metal clamp? I saw a 3D printed one on your website, but I would really prefer the metal one if it is an option.


I have about 100 metal clamps for the rigid getting welded up


For the rigid 2401/2402? Or the bigger 22002?


Metal clamp will fit R22002 3. 5/8”. and any 3.5” dia router which is very common.


Ah… Gtocha… What aboutthesmaller trim rigid router?


For anyone interested in making a mount for the Ridgid R2401 and doesn’t have the router on hand yet… 2.40 inch diameter and you’ll need a 0.70 wide x 0.25 deep notch somewhere to accommodate the adjustment screw protrusion on the body.


I have that router. 3dprinting a clamp would be easiest. We will have metal clamps for the Mikita and larger Rigid and then 3-D printable clamps for all of the other makes and models
It should be relatively easy to mount about a dozen different types of routers


note that a different diameter router will change the bit position slightly, so
the Z axis should be moved slightly.

David Lang


Fantastic!! Would you mind sharing the stl?

Thank you!!



Good idea but I think it easier to adjust the offset at the mount using shims or by changing the bracket itself than moving the z axis… Thoughts?


Correct for our design all routers centers should be offset 2” from the black gantry plate. This allows dozens of different routers to be used by just designing the stl file the same. Will release stl files latter still working on dewalt and Bosch one


If you design your own stl be sure to use a nylon lock nut embedded in the design or other method to make sure locking bolt does not vibrate out in use. Only an issue for very long cuts