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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


Nice to see a Maslow cnc kit might be available to buy soon.
Is this the only option other than DIY/sold-out-classic?


This is a post copy from a FB group:

Maslow CNC is now being sold by 3 sources:

These 3 companies started offering the machine kits after the orginal maslow company decided to focus on other things.

I think Metal maslow seems to offer the best deal and are actually advancing the concept with new and improved parts.


Wondering if it would be possible to add a Router Speed Control box to the Rigid 2401/2402/24011/24012 (all the same routers). They lowest speed seems to be 17,000 which is really fast… According to the manual the speeds are, “The speed is adjustable from 20,000 r/min to 30,000 r/min.” With one of those router variable speed controllers, we can get the spindle speed down to 5000 or at least 10k…

Not sure if that is something we can do with this router, what thoughts does the community have?


We have discussed this, the problem is that an external speed control would
fight with the built-in speed control and the result is that it shuts down
instead of slows down.

There was a post from somene who opened up their router and found that there are
a couple of pots on the controller board that let you adjust the min and max
speed. I don’t remember what the minimum speed was, but it was substantially
better than stock.

I’d bet that changing some components on the board would further widen the
control, and that you could also hack in support to adjust it’s speed from the

David Lang


Interesting… I would certainly be interested in knowing more…

Thanks for this information however…


see Router speed question


Don’t forget that the routers are air cooled, using the speed of the router to drive the fan blades. Reducing the RPMs below a threshold may introduce some extra heating of the motor.


topogigio has the smaller ridged palm router not the bigger R22002 that many use.
As long as you registered the router when you bought it, it should have a lifetime warranty I would just use it and make sure you change the brushes often enough and it will be fine. if it does break just get it replaced for free fomr home depot.


Hello, just new to the forum.
I am interested in buying a kit if they are still available.
In Australia so would prefer to purchase router locally for warranty ect.
Best Regards