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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


Technically it’s possible but you have more wires for the speed controller. And most spindles cost more than a typical router


What’s the current ETA on the kits? Also are you going to go by first come first serve or allow people who posted on this thread at the beginning an opportunity to purchase first?


Seller has stated in the first post and several others that this will be FCFS so, it will be a total free for all, sadly.


Well then, might just go with the MakerMade one then. Available now and ships next month is better than waiting on a nonexistent wait list lol.


Yeah, if I needed to get one by a certain time, it’s what I would do too.


Current status is one shipment of about 100 sets of parts in New York, Harbor waiting to be unloaded.
2nd shipment of another 100 parts still in China with an Eta of late February.

I was surprised to find that the ship goes through the suez cannal. I guess it is cheaper than using the panama canal. Freightos our shipper gives us this tracking map.

Appreciate everyone’s patience, hopefully the extra metal parts in our kit will be worth the wait.


A c-beam and a TLE shows (from a single person view) that someone has done the homework.
Edit: Since we have no contract, kindly issue a voucher for 1 case of beer or 2 bottles of whisky (scotch), cash-able the moment i visit you.


Gero, are you bribing Metal Maslow with good beer and whiskey?



On the Meta Maslow website is there going to be the option to purchase the kit for the Rigid line of routers. I know it was discussed earlier in the post but I didn’t see the ordering information on the website(is that something that can be easily added).


No point in offering bad beer and whiskey


There are aluminum clamps for the big R22002 router (which will also fit any 3.5" dia router with shims) ,as well as the smaller Makita 701 and dewalt 601, (which have different international model numbers, but are same size)

I recommend the smaller palm routers.


I was hoping they would bribe me with booze, because I shared my

about the composition of the kit.

I am in need for a second kit for a tilted linear x/y/z rather then triangular and from the 3 choices for a new hardware kit, this comes closest to what i (only me) needs.
If they had an offer with 150mm c-beam and a 500W air cooled spindle, pin 45 and gnd taken out on the shield for spindle speed, I would chase them to sell me a kit.


Thanks for the email update about the Metal Maslow. Like everyone else here on this thread, I am eagerly awaiting my opportunity to order one of your kits. Still have a few questions about the kit I was hoping you could answer…this is from your email:

The basic kit is $480 plus $20 for flat rate USA shipping without a router. If you have any questions please contact us.

“Basic kit without a router”…but what clamp is included in the basic kit ? Do we need to order the clamp separately based on what size router we plan on using? If we have to order the clamp separately are we guaranteed to get a clamp with each kit ordered?

I have to say, with all due respect, the website is a little confusing. There is no “basic kit” on the website, but there is a "Metal Maslow No Router or Clamp listed for the $480 price mentioned in the email. You have three other clamps listed on the website, including one called “Aluminum Clamp for R2200” but the picture shows a couple of routers with 3D-printed prototype clamps. Will you also be offering the complete kit with included router and clamp in the first batch of 100?

I am in no way trying to disparage your efforts…I just want to make sure I know which buttons to click when the Metal Maslow is available, thanks!


…one other thing I forgot. In your last post you recommended the smaller palm routers. Can you elaborate on why you are recommending the smaller routers over the larger (tried and tested) Rigid router used in the other kits? Is this recommendation based on your own testing, or on feedback from other users? Would you be willing to share with us images of cuts made with both the larger and smaller routers to demonstrate the benefit of using one over the other? THANKS!


I apologize the website is not finished yet. If you get a router less kit, it does not come with a clamp. You need to buy the clamp at the same time to have the items ship together. We sell a few clamps on our store and will be offering some 3d printed files for other cylinder shaped routers. In theory almost all Cylinder shaped routers should work and we did it this way to maximize comptatability. If one has a router with plastic permanent body grips it will not fit our system.

If you buy the kit with makita router then it comes with makita router clamp.

The R22002 is a nice router and has a life time warranty (only if you register it online) which is very nice if you plan to run it a lot because eventually that lifetime warranty will kick in. However its’ heavy and big which causes the center of gravity to be about an inch taller. By using shims one can also use other full size routers. Last time I went into lowes the Bosch, Hitachi, Portercable, Dewalt all fit fine. Routers are pretty simple tools so even though I have not tested every one of these brands I have no doubt they will all work fine.

Palm routers are less expensive, small enough to ship in a flat rate box and are used by pretty much every hobby cnc
The makita palm router is very popular world wide and has many Chinese clones. I bought a Chinese clone to test but have not had time to do the testing yet. The Makita is under $100 in USA and the clones, which use a different motor, are even cheaper.

The dewalt palm router is used on many competing hobby cnc machines like X carve so compatability with it allows people to have a dual purpose setup.

So it’s more about what router you might already own than which one is “best”. To me the best one will last for many years and there is no way for me to conduct time trials like that. All of them will cut the same since we have a dedicated z axis in the kit.


Uhmm, dunno if any of you noticed, the website now accepts orders and payment🤤


Order placed for router-less kit - YAY!!


Me, too!



Thanks for the detailed reply. It appears that some people are placing orders, is ordering officially open?? Based on previous posts, and the unfinished condition of the website, I was under the impression that ordering would not begin for another 10 days or so…


Well, OP has said many times that he will only open up sales once he is ready to actually ship, in this case, the Under Construction website is just a small missing link that doesn’t seem to affect the Maslow kit he is selling.

Also, the OP has already posted pictures and the BOM with major parts listed. If you’re ready, I say order one now while you can. If not ready yet, that’s cool… No rush…