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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


Will you consider selling just the new sled / linkage arms / z axis at some point in the future?
It would be a nice upgrade path for those of us that already have a maslow. Ideally the parts would be offered as an addon basis with the sled, so that if you already had a c-beam or wanted to use a different linkage system, you could use what you already have rather than having to rebuy a bunch of parts.


Just wondering if you will have recommendations that are unique for the metal maslow such as frame, motor locations, etc


I know I am planning on using a 12’ top bar for motor attachment. I held off ordering from the other group offering maslow kits for just that reason. From my understanding this allows better accuracy towards the edges. I have a RostockMax 3D printer that suffers from the same edge issues so that is a big deal to me.


I would like to purchase a kit as well when they are available, thanks.


Please add me to the list, very interested!


I would like to purchase the Metal Maslow as well. Please add me to the list.


Any updates Metalmaslow?


Hi there I sent you an email that I need you to check please.


I got the goods from China last friday. However, I had to order some smaller timing belts, sprockets, micro switches and allen wrenches from China via Express DHL which I should have in about a week.


topogigio, replied back.


Please add me to the list, very interested! Thanks.


I’m pretty sure somebody already ask this but can you buy just a upgrade kit (all the new stuff - what we already have) for people who already have a Maslow


Right now I just want to get the kits sold. If that goes well we might sell parts. Still waiting on the parts that I posted about 5 days ago.


It appears your site is being updated. I am interested in a kit.


i would like to be notified, when they are available


is there any batch already sold? did i missed it?


Just touching base regarding updated shipping dates/updates?


Any word on the shipping date, everything looking ok, haven’t heard from you in a bit?


Sorry, still waiting on the g2 belts from China that drive the z axis motor. Not sure when they return from lunar new year. I wish I could find a place that stocks them outside of China.


If you mean GT2 then SDP/SI carries them.

Gates iirc designed the GT2 profile and is another potential source. Both will be way more expensive then imports but they’ll still be a small part of the total cost, and available much quicker.

Interestingly, GT2 is a complicated profile and for competitive reasons the actual shape is not easy to obtain (and, I believe, copyright besides) so the great mass producers are making an approximation. Good enough, but not the real thing. There are several discussions buried in the forum for my favorite gear (plus sprocket, pulley, ratchet, and now guilloche) design software, Gearotic fwiw