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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


Do you have a rough ETA on the belts?

I thought everything ahd arrived, anything else that’s in route/outstanding?


I am interested in the kit. Please let me know how to order






I’m interested in a kit delivered to the UK.

Please let me know when available.



testing everything out right now. Will be testing on/off relays this week hopefully.



How many kits will you have for sale?
How much will delivery to the UK be?



Could I be notified when you start selling as I would like to purchase. Is there an approximate time when website will be up and testing complete?


Can we get a more specific ETA? Testing this week doesnt really say anything useful to us.

I understand there have been delays. I understand there are things you need to do to get them ready. Just keep us informed with realistic time lines please. You are in the home stretch. Lets bring it home. I am getting ancy! I want to play with this new toy!


Please add me to the list for when everything is in working order


Please add me to your list.


Welcome to the forum!


Any updates on when the kit will be available for purchase?


I have been following developments for a few months now and want to place my order ASAP. I also need a 80mm spindle attachment made for me cause I don’t have acces to 3D printer not yet. I want a full kit with no motor with 80mm spindle holder for the Z axis.

Thank You


By the end of this month for sure. Cleaning out and re-organizing space for the maslow business is taking longer than expected. I appreciate everyone’s patience.


Good to know. Can we get on a confirmed list. I can pay now as long as I know I will have a full kit with no motor. Already have spindle motor.

How about the 80mm spindle holder for the Z axis ?


We can send you a 3d printable 80mm holder. the key distance is from the center of the router bit to the z axis gantry plate should be 2".


Yes that works fine.

When can I pay for complete kit no motor with 80mm spindle holder ?


Not sure if this will help any of our European friends but I will be traveling to Greece via Munich (arrive approx. 9 am on April 3 then departing for Athens about 11 am (short layover). Might save you a couple bucks on VAT as long as I can get it through customs in Europe…I guess I could try to convince them that I am looking to buy a place and this stuff is so I could repair the house (sort of true).

how much will these kits weigh again?

Of course, that is all dependent on if the kits are ready and can reach me in time (Charlotte, NC).

It also depends on if TSA will let me have a couple of these kits in my carryon bag as well. Anyone have an opinion on that? I have carried some crazy crap in a carryon in my travels (tools, computer equipment, ZipLevel, monitors, etc.) so having a bit of extra “review” of my bags is nothing new to me. I think it would “pass” as long as there is nothing that looks like a weapon or a cartridge for a firearm (reason for my last “extensive” bag perusal).

Not sure how to “pass” of the transaction. Do they still have storage lockers in European airports?

It is definitely a risk with respect to customs. I guess it would be with me as well since you don’t know me personally but I am not one to screw over a couple people on a worldwide forum, if that is any consolation.

Just a thought. Might be able to take a couple kits, depending on box size and weight.


It is an unbelievable and nice try to help European Maslow fans, but I am affraid, that it will not work. Customs are very strict and hard, especially when somebody tries to bring to the EU any kits, parts, electronical components, etc. from overseas.
They will make a custom appointment about these things, and will charge you.
I think, it would be better to not to try it! :frowning:
(I am actually in Europe, in Hungary, and I also have a complete kit + z (unopened).)
Bests, Az_Agg