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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


The weight of a complete kit with z is 5,3 kg.


Thanks, Az_Agg. Good to know.


You are welcome! :slight_smile:


Hi Metalmaslow,

I really appreciate all your work in getting these kits prepared. It must be very exciting, fun, frustrating and stressful all at once.

Is there anything I can do to help?


When you have them ready, I’m interested too. Thanks much.


It is more work than I thought it would be, but we are almost there. made about 50 feet of shelving and countertop space for packing up stuff.


Sounds like you are on on final stages, thank you for the effort. My first build will be in your honor. I’ll build you… a HERRING!



I’d piped up on this thread back in September that we were interested in ordering (or pre-ordering) this kit. Checking back in I understand the kits aren’t quite for sale yet. I’m wondering how you are going to go about the sale? From what I can tell there is perhaps more demand than supply at this point. Hopefully you will be satisfying the orders from those who first expressed interest? And if so, how will you be contacting us? Just wondering if I should be checking this forum on a daily basis or…? Thanks a lot!


Good to hear your almost ready to ship. I am ready to send funds. Will you accept PayPal ? Also I need a 80mm spindle holder to be 3D printer.
Thanks again for all the hard work.


Of course :smiley:

Lots to learn and discover while you’re waiting