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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


I would be very interested!!!


I’d be interested!


VERY Interested please let me know next steps!!!


Maybe we can combine shipping … Are there others from the Netherlands? PM me


I will be very interested to buy with international shipping to Slovenia. Will I receive any notification on email when it will be available?


Definitely want to purchase one! Please notify me immediately when it’s available!!! November is perfect for purchasing as a Christmas gift!


This is likely the best post to keep an eye on.
Replying to posts 8 months old and flooding the forum might not be the best approach. :wink:


Thank you!


It sounds like a great deal. I look forward to seeing it start to ship.


@Metalmaslow There has been a lot of activity in this post. I just checked and saw you joined the group 4 days ago with a big splash!

We are late in saying “Welcome to the Group”

So - Welcome.

Thank you


Paid for motors from China today.
For those asking about pre ordering, we are not taking pre-orders. We will only start selling when we have almost all inventory in stock for fast turn around. This still looks to be Nov.
Since many people are asking about R22002 compatability we are working on a 3D printed clamp. First prototype looks promising. Of course this means extra mounting holes in the laser cut plate and a new vacuum system. Fun never ends lol. We are trying to make as many routers as possible work with it.


Thanks for all your hard work so far, for the needed improvements and your willingness to accommodate as many as you can.


I would but one


I’m glad to see someone continuing this. I’d be interested but I am in Europe and would probably sort out my own router.


Great idea! Would also be interested in buying this kit come November!


Kits will be available without router. Europe uses 220v anyways so it makes sense to get the router locally.


Definitely interested.
I knew they were running short but was hoping there would still some left come the end of this month.

So it looks like this is the next option. Will follow this thread.



I am very interested in the kit.


I think the RT0700C is the 230V version. So indeed shipping a RT0701C to a 220-240V country makes no sense. :wink:


I am very interested in the kit. Ft Myers Florida