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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


Would you sell without the router and ship to Canada? If so I would wait and buy.

I will start cleaning out the ship and building my frame.


I am definitely interested.


I’d be interested in a sled, with ring, and zaxis for R22002 when you get to selling separate components.


I’ll be in Bokeelia over the winter. If we both snag kits prehaps we can collaborate?


Yes, would love to look at a kit. I’ll be following with a lot of interest. Where in NC if you don’t mind the question? Have family there and will be in that area around Thanksgiving. I could come by for an early Christmas present :slight_smile:


I have short to medium term goals to have the ability to buy this and run two!
First I have another machine to build with this Maslow and an addition to build for my shop. Oh and I need to make enough money for these things to happen!:sunglasses:


I’m interested in this too. You got me at metal base plate


I’m interested, especially the faster z axis, will be following this post.


I am interested too. Please keep us informed of progress and timeline.


I’m ready… please notify when available


Yes can ship to canada


In that case, I’d be interested in a sled, with ring, and zaxis for R22002


I would definitely buy.


Would definitely buy one! Shipping either to Netherlands, California or Philippines, whichever is quickest!


Very interested. Would you be able to post pics of the kit, assembled? Where in NC?


Count me in as well.

I, too, found out about the Maslow CNC a smidge too late!


Close to charlotte Nc.
Will post more photos in a few weeks


I would certainly be interested. Thanks for making the effort to put together a full kit and keep the price reasonable. Good luck!


I think it’s time to post a URL to your kickstarter or eshop or at least a mailchimp form…
Count us as a potential customer.


Definitely interested. I hopped the band wagon a bit late to get one of the first kits.