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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


Direct sales, no preorders or Kickstarter campaign, from comments the OP made at the beginning of the thread.

Kickstarter us not a slow delivery ordering system, it’s a speculative investment scheme (not knocking @bar , who did an amazing job) that might result in a “reward”. Preorders aren’t a lot better, got badly burned on one from the now defunct QuBD.

The OP will be offering a developed product for sale, with the accompanying (but not absolute…) obligations and legal protections and deserves extra credit for doing things that way.

OT: I’m amazed at the number if people who start screaming “Lawyer” and “arrest them” when a KS project fails to deliver. For random examples look at Peachy Printer (founder stole the money to build his house, no legal repercussions) and Tiko3D, ZionEyze (sp? founders went elephant riding in Thailand iirc), etc. @Metalmaslow wins extra credit and is off to a good start.


Hi, i want to purchase and ship to Malaysia.
@Metalmaslow how to make payment to u?
And where to fill up the form for our details?
Pls inform me when it is available:
My email:
Phone: +60162133885 whatsapp me
Im thinking that, do u mind to create a whatsapp group and add all interested member & keep us update in group.


I am interested also.


+1 for a Maslow kit, with the router is fine by me. I’m in Georgia, I come to WNC frequently. What area?



Count me in


I’m interested. Shipping to Germany.



We have started a website. It is not open for orders yet as we are still waiting for goods from China
We will have a sign up for a mailing list soon.


Very Interested, I was upset That i missed out on the original Maslow. I got on the forum today to find this! Excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interested for sure! Now I’ll have a project for the winter.


The website has a picture of the components in a box. Now that you’ve shown a teaser :grinning: can you show them spread out? I’m especially interested in the base ring and the c-beam (I was a small backer if the original openbuilds KS; glad to see them successful where Bart never quite made it with makerslide) z axis.

When you open for sales will there be a way to pay and ask for a slightly delayed shipping? We, and my sorta local brother, will be traveling around Thanksgiving and I’d hate to have it sit on the porch, or take a walk, during that time - although it’d be worse to miss out. New house, don’t know any of the mostly seasonal neighbors yet.


Forgive me if this is a repeat question but the circuit card shipped with the set is an improved version of the original correct? I know there has been two new versions created on the forums. Is it one of these or a third?


+1 please. Thanks.


Yes it is the new one with 3 separate motor controllers


I will post more photos latter right now still waiting for parts to get laser cut. There is a photo of the cbeam with router above
Also can delay shipments :slight_smile:


Is the TLE board your making SMD or Through Hole?

Thank you


Thank you for continuing a great idea. I just bought a kit from last shipment, but I would be interested in purchasing in future but also telling friends about this new opportunity as soon as it is available. So very glad and proud to be in the Maslow Community/World.


Smd board with heat sinks in aluminum square tube enclosure for protection with 75mm fan


I am in. I tried to buy and it says you are not setup to process payments. I you are setup soon.


Judging by all the stated interest you should be off to a good start if most of them (us…) follow through. Congrats!

From the above discussion you’re not using Bee’s Blue Smoke Herder board, so it’s a new design? Do you have a prototype operating? Better yet, any video of it running a (prototype) Metal Maslow for those of us eagerly awaiting it’s release? For extra points leave in the machine sounds and skip the overdubbed music, which is never as good as the real thing.

Way back when I used Thermaltake smart fans (built in temperature sensor adjusted speed/noise as necessary) in both computers and TiVo upgrades - they ran for years in my DirecTiVos. Might be worth considering, of course they need to be on the exhaust side for proper temperature sensing. My current build has several 200mm case fans, but those are a little too big for this project.



Definely interested, please, ready to set this up, let me know when available, thanks !