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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


I am very interested!
I should need an invoice about it, becouse it will be not for me, but for a (really very) little company.


Ready for ya, send me a notice will buy.


I would like to buy this kit. I will be out of country for two weeks in mid November so must order early or late in the month.


It’s basically the same board but uses equivalent components and is assembled mostly by machines instead of by hand. The fan connection is external to the board as well. It is called TLE5206 in the community garden

The boards are currently being made in China should have them next week. We are not selling boards outside of the kit for now.


Thanks for your interest we won’t be taking orders till late October. We want to make sure we get all the supplies from China and the cargo ship will literally take about a month to travel here


Will you be selling the z-axis setup separately?


I saw that you will be including pulleys in your kit, does it mean that the kit will only support the default frame? Maybe you should include the bungee for bottom chain setups like the bolt together frame.


Please make a plug to fill the power socket of the arduino, eliminating the
possibility of plugging power in there by mistake will greatly reduce the
failure rate.


The bolt together frame can use the same chain arrangement as the stock frame.

It’s just plain a better approach


Agree. That’s why I was confirming this with TS because he didn’t have bungees in his kit, he replaced them with pulleys. The bolt together frame does need the bungee right?


Have you done cargo container shipping from china before? What is your POE?

Thank you


not if you put the chains across the top like the stock frame.

at the time the bolt together frame pictures were taken, the chain arrangement
on it and the standard frame was the same.

Since then, we’ve found that chains along the top is better, and using weights
instead of bungee cords is better.

David Lang


I’m in for a Kit, no router needed but please with the collar for the Ridged router.

Thank you!


Can someone please show these updated pictures in the instructions? it will save a bunch of time for anyone assembling that frame if they don’t have to re-configure it repeatedly as they find out about the changes that have been made to the recommended build specs.


I’m in… signe me up


I very interested. Please keep us up to date.


Super interested for here in remote New Mexico, count an order in from us.


Hey, Is this still available? I’m interested in a kit as well, it would change my life.


it is not available yet.


They’re planning on starting direct sales in late October/early November as detailed in @Metalmaslow 's posts above. Best to read the whole topic for better info