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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


I’m in for a kit with router.




So is ordering on the website just an example… do I need to wait til November? Yes I will buy one just need to know if I prepay now? or wait for everyone to respond?


I suggest you read the topic. No prepay was stated and discussed. Prepay’s a slippery slope, and a point (imho) in favor of the OP that orders will he accepted when they’re ready to be shipped


Sorry you will have to wait till November. I will be updating the original post with details as time goes on so people do not have to read this whole post.


Remember that the Maslow forums are visible to the world. You can bet there could be spammers monitoring them for email addresses to sell. I recommend that you edit your message to delete the contact information and send it in a private message (PM).


Those incessant political callers need to get their number lists somewhere…

@dlang made the point elsewhere that we spew our email addresses all over (showing there are lazy mail list configurers and ignorers of BCC everywhere, but I digress), and any unlisted landline is in multiple directories, but at least make the lowlife scum of the earth work a little to interrupt your dinners and TV shows.

Sidenote, preventing faked caller ID is actually pretty easy, phone providers can just block any number not assigned to the caller. Throw in a few public floggings (or your humiliation of choice) and the problem is minimized. I worked nights for many years while needing to keep my phone available for call-ins, spent a lot of time falling back asleep while devising appropriate punishments for the miscreants.

Another OT mooserant, sorry


Listed, you stupid autocorrector, listed land line. Computers can be flogged, too…


Sic an army of swamprats on them Mooselake


Swamprats might help make the calls, never know with those little rascals


If you are in a position to only take calls from numbers in your contact list (iPhone), you can turn on “do not disturb”, “always”, and allow calls from “all contacts”.

Callers can leave a voice mail, but you have to look for them.

Shuts down all of those pesky calls, but requires you to build up your contact list.

Works great for me.


Where’s that option on my G5+?


“On/Off” switch?


I am very interested.
Looking forward to buy one



Hello, i take one when available :slight_smile:



What is the difference between $600.00 one and this one


$580 plus $20 shipping = $600


Very Interested Indeed!


Also interested if I haven’t cobbled something together by your release date.


Looks like the trade war between USA and China is getting worse. Anybody here know how to determine which exact goods will get price increase? I expect prices to go up in 2019