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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


From what I have read, it is still fluid.

Fox News Reported:

After a seven-week comment period, the administration announced that it had withdrawn several items from an earlier list of $200 billion in Chinese imports, including child-safety products such as bicycle helmets. And in a victory for Apple Inc. and its American customers, the administration removed smart watches and some other consumer electronics products from the list of goods imported from China.

Someplace there is a list. II believe it covers almost everything (not exempted) that China sells to US.


I’d be interested in just the sled, if that’s an option.
Why did you decide to go with a ring, and not a linkage kit?


Want to be on the list for the metal Maslow.


You can view the full list of items from the US Trade Representative here. (The document is 194 pages long.)


We might actually wind up going with the linkage kit because it seems smoother. And less expensive. Still testing


I am interested, too. Router with mount and all!


I also would like one.


I’m interested in a kit. Let me know when available. Thanks.


Availability still projected to be sometime in November . thanks for patience


I’m pretty sure I already answered this post… BUT TAKE MY MONEY!!!


I am very interested too, live in switzerland. Are you planning to provide some kind of a manual?


I was not planning on a manual since in my experience most people do not read them and it would be one more expense to get printed. It is basically the same machine with a few extras tweaks. If there is certain information you need we would be glad to put it on our website


Truer words haven’t been spoken :smiley:


I’m interested in this as well. Super new here (just signed up) so not sure how to PM you my email address but want to get on the email list.


Sent a PM, turns out I’m not dumb, just didn’t have the “trust” level to be able to send messages. Thanks for helping others get into this project! I’m excited.


Received the first circuit boards from China today. There is one small overlap with the USB port that can be fixed. Will have to test some latter on

I am not selling these boards without a kit. Bee can help you if you just want the board


please test the top mount kit as well (it’s much easier to support large routers
with that kit). If you want me to send you one, PM me your address (I have 3
other kits to get out this weekend), and if you want to cut them yourselves, go
ahead, the design is open to all.

David Lang


Just discovered this thing. I am interested in this kit. Also i am in NC. Would i be able to just pick one up from you?
Also cant figure out how to PM you.
One last edit. Is this same as

is that a way to actually purchase your kit?


Yes that is it. you can pick up near Charlotte but we will not be selling till probably late November. Motor manufacturer is holding up the whole delivery.


Good afternoon, we are from Russia.
We can not understand what is included in the kit.
Can I see it somewhere in the assembled state?
This set to build from scratch? Or how to improve?