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Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested


The kit we are selling Includes everything to make a hanging cnc machine except for the wooden frame similar to original kit. As we get closer to sales in November we will have photos of all the kit components.
We are still testing some things


Around how many kits will you be building?


100 initially. Might increase that amount for second batch if demand is higher.


Similar to the past system, once the first batch is out will there be weeks in between when the next batch can’t be purchased and shipped?

Yet another parts request thread

Probably. The motor company has 2 to 3 month lead times so we would have to stock up on motors to keep supply chain fluid


INterested, willing to pay now lol


Me too!


I am interested! Happy to know more and when is appropriate to purchase! All the best,


Orders will probably start around the end of November.


Might be smart to start a waiting list. many of us have expressed interest a while ago but the list seems to be getting long. I know i posted weeks ago and i am patiently waiting but since the initial shipment will only be 100 i am concerned some wont get theirs on the first shipment. I would be a little upset if i missed out on one to someone joined in last minute. Should be some sort of order or number system to make sure those who expressed interest first are accomodated first. just my humble opinion.


second that motion. I would even be willing to put down a deposit to secure my spot.


I am interested, count me in.


The reason we are not taking deposits is because credit card companies typically require a company to ship out products in a reasonable time period. This is to prevent fraudulent sales that never get delivered. We will most likely need to provide all tracking info to the processor as well.
Yes there are ways to get around this like kick starter but then the consumer takes all the risk when a project fails.
We want to under promise and over deliver and also keep it simple while supporting the open source principles.

I will look into a donation system. Where people can donate a few dollars to go towards getting metal Maslow kits in schools and get on a 1 week early bird notification when kits go on sale ( not a guarantee but best we can do). We are still 2 months away from taking orders


I personally wasnt talking about a deposit or upfront money. I just think you should start a list of people interested and that way its in order of who signed up first. then you just go down the list and take their info for the order.


Interested! Please keep me in the loop - I am also in NC (Raleigh/Cary)


Interested. Please let me know. Will it be able to operate with Maslow firmware and programs the same?


Hi, I am interested! Would like to have one shipped to Germany. Please put me on the mailing list.


I would like a kit - full option with router. When will it send (if I order this weekend) and how can I place an order?




We won’t take orders till end of nov with dec shipping
Motors take two months to make and then another month to ship from slow boat from china


Thank you. I am very interested. Please send an email when orders can be taken. Mike