Metal-Maslow Kit Owner Tips and Tricks

to the 12 V power inlet? Are they 12V or 5 V fans?

12v .2A. It has a tiny 2 pin plug

I did wire them to a used power supply i had. Its switched on automatically with the router/spindle.

Does anyone have a copy of the instructions? I bought a metal Maslow a (long) while ago, and only now got around to setting it up, only to discover the website has gone down in the meanwhile. The video linked in the first post was very helpful to assemble the sled, but I’m not sure how to proceed further. Any help would be very appreciated.

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Here it is, if anyone ever needs it, courtesy of the way back machine: Assembly instructions | MetalMaslow


I have one and posted a video on assembling the sled. The sled is the only part really different from the other Maslow kits. The frame and layout can be taken from your imagination or from other examples or other kit instructions. Do you have pictures of parts you do not know where to use?

Also there is the chain manual you might check out for more info.

Thank you so much for the manual! It’ll really help me get started. The plethora of fragmented information out there was daunting, now I can see a path forward.
I’ve completed the sled - I seem to have the same model as in the first post’s video. The only thing I couldn’t figure out is how to attach / use the vacuum attachment (marked optional in the video). I understand that it goes below the Z axis (the two large holes and 4 small screw holes gave me the hint) but then how one attaches the vacuum to that?