New to Maslow... Few questions

I just purchased a kit with some bits and the Z axis. Plan to build the frame in a few weeks as i clean out and make room in my garage.

  • What all do i need to get thats not in the kit? From what I gather I need to build the frame, center mount, and bricks or weights. The kit comes with the Arduino Mega 2560 from what I see, right? Whats the recommended setup for a nerd? I have a RaspberyPi for my 3d Printer i built. How does GroundControl function on a PI vs WindowsPC? Just not all familiar with the “extras” on the Maslow.

  • On the frame, I plan to put it on wheels to easily move it around in my garage. I plan to use these Adjustable Wheels? Any thoughts or recommendations from others with wheels or a current build?

  • Bungee cords on frame. It appears there is alot of talk around this system and was wondering if anyone has tried using bungie attached to the chain end and looped around pulleys back to the router board with a S hook or clip? Not having built the frame, could be completely stupid and missing something not seeing it in person.

  • Frame Tilt - Is there any need to have some type of adjustment for the tilt of the frame? It seems I’ve heard between 8-15 degrees is typical?

  • Router - Plan to buy the Ridgid R2200 from HomeDepot and remove handles for the ring system and also purchased the Z Axis system. I think i’m good here, but plan on putting some kill switch into the system.

  • Vacuum hose - What hose can i use to plug directly to the router and make my connection to the shop vac somewhere other than at the router? I was thinking of having the hose and wires bundled together so no reason to have a 1 1/2 hose if the router connection is only 1in.

Any other things I should consider or plan for while waiting for the kit?

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Yes, the kit comes with a Mega2560 clone with the USB cable and extension to connect it to your PC.

Those wheels look good, I’m pretty sure others have used those or something very similar.

There are many variables in a standard Maslow frame setup, without adding that. It can be quite overwhelming! Rather work to assure that the motors will be held very rigidly in place and that the workarea will hold the material flat. I would say that trying changes to the feedrate and depth of your cuts will keep you busy enough without adding in changes to the tilt of the frame. After you’ve got the machine cutting the way you like it, or maybe after you’ve found all the ways that feedrate and depth affect the way your setup works, then experiment with frame tilt, or a longer top beam, or changing the weight of the sled. Or different bits, or different router rpm or… < /soapbox>
If you do investigate frame tilt, let us know what you find. There haven’t been many organized tests and inquiring minds want to know! :blush:

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Router bits! There are some in the Maslow store.

There’s an adapter in the Community Garden: Rigid Hose Adapter. I don’t know what size hose it is assuming.

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The hose is linked under the “Buy” tab on that page…It’s the one I use and I’ve found that the extra hose size makes a big difference in terms of getting better dust collection

I used those wheels and they work good. Actually everything is stable enough that I haven’t even hit the brake yet.