Bad Service From Maslow

What crap service Maslow provides.

I’ve been trying to get them to send me a part since the beginning of Sept 18 … They simply can’t read a simple instruction to use a courier

The result is I paid for the machine a year ago and I still have not cut one single board

They should put all on EBAY then at least we will get what we paid for…

That what happens when children try to do things

You’re likely not going to resolve your issue from this end, nor will you win friends or influence people. I don’t know what route you have taken to get here, but you might try asking the community for help. I have watched for several years now and they will typically bend over backwards to resolve any issue.


Multiple email, they don’t give phone contact numbers ect. Take days to answer. And I’m not trying to influence anyone Just trying to get value for something I paid for

Are you referring to the motor shield that you have burnt with a chain wrap mentioned in this post?

If so, what happened to the shield that you said was ‘on route’?

I don’t think you can instruct someone willing to send you a free replacement part for something you broke yourself. You can request it and offer to pay for the huge shipping cost cross country couriers ask for.

Lets forget for the moment, that it’s strange to post the way you did in a Forum with hundreds of users that have witnessed how exceptionally great Maslow service was the past 2 years. Lets also forget for a second that insulting with ‘taste of blackmailing’ will not get you anywhere else then on a spam list and being completely ignored.

Maslow has retired from supplying hardware Aug/Sep 2018 and would expect them to have no more parts to replace. They gave their stuff to

Plenty of forum users around the world have received motor shields and other parts from other members for free. Their success was the result of a friendly and respectful approach.


@Neil_Jackson where are you located?

While I don’t agree with your methods of receiving service, I would like to assist if possible.

I don’t think Bar would purposefully ignore you, I know he has been traveling quite a bit lately.


i know i got wrong Z axis bushing got ahold of them and they sent me a new one next day air and threw in a free router bit. A1 service I think


Probley best he dont get it running everything would be Maslows fault. Not the way he does stuff.


Thanks for the offer , I bought the unit form Maslow CNC paid about $450 plus $90 for transportation plus 15% taxes plus about $85 for the frame. . It is normal to expect the company one buys items from to provide the service. What irks me is that they simply don’t care so I’m sending it back

Hi @Neil_Jackson, I’m sorry you feel that way. I checked in with Hannah and she has tried to send you three replacement boards but none has arrived. Given your remote location in Africa I hope you will be a little bit understanding. You might want to try a mail consolidation service or some other way to receive packages more reliably. We did send you your kit by DHL, but the cost of shipping alone was substantially more than what you paid for the kit. I believe DHL said there was a helicopter involved in the delivery process. We do believe in shipping everywhere in the world, but please try to work with us and be understanding that some places are very difficult and expensive to ship to.

It’s not that we don’t care, we’ve gone out of business. I think the fact that we aren’t in business but we are still here and still answering emails shows that we care a LOT.


When I think of “bad service”, Bar, Hannah and this community couldn’t be farther from my mind. I don’t wish to get involved with this conversation per say but I did want to give another HUGE shout out to all those that make this forum and product SO AMAZING!


PS, this sounds a little worse than what it really was. From what I’ve gathered it wasn’t a typical “out of business” but rather a very well thought out, intentional and positive decision for all parties involved and the reigns we’re very professionally passed over to continue Maslow’s success. :slight_smile:


hi Bar Just letting you know That I did receive one part yesterday. not sure you will even get this message as I see someone has hidden my post… shows how you really care … your forum cannot take criticism

Im not surprised that you have gone out of business, you make statements with the knowledge of a 6-year-old

Johannesburg is a city of 14 million and one does not need a helicopter to deliver the goods.

You state that you sent 3 parts separately and one with DHL I only ever received 1 tracking number

In my initial email, I asked your company to use a courier and never refused to pay for it clearly your organization does not read things correctly

As an excess of understanding how a customer feels, go into a store buy something you really what pay $500 for it but you cannot use it for one year

out of business that what happens when you use someone else’s money, unfortunately, it now means I have bought a white elephant

I the customer did work with your company, I paid you, I sent you clear instruction and sent more than 20 emails. It is your company that did not work with me … and now you and your forum have the audacity to lay blame at my door…

Its about time you all grow up hiding a message is acting like a child. Making a geographical statement without knowledge is acting like a child.

Hope this email get read by you and Hannah and that you have learned something. The world is not only about electronics and programming it’s about service

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As a moderator I have received more than one message flagged as inappropriate. These messages have been on both sides (so at least I can claim a degree of even-handedness), and I agreed that they don’t meet the standards that the community has sought to uphold. Feel free to disagree with each other, but please, keep it civil. I hate suppressing posts, but have and will again, if needed.


Perhaps we should close the topic for further comments, as there is no added value for the community to be expected. What do you think @jwolter?

I’m of two minds about this. On the one hand, I agree that there is probably little to be added to the discussion, I’m reluctant to cut things off in case someone has something worthwhile to say. I think I’m going to let it ride for a while and only close it if there seem to be continued problems.

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I personally received fantastic service from @bar and the rest of the Maslow crew. I joined the forum in late July 2018 and discovered through reading many topics (822) and posts (8000+) what to expect from my Maslow using the recommended equipment the “kit” was designed for. There was an incredible amount of information available from all kinds of different forum members (US and International). When I ordered my Maslow I was aware that it was going to be one of the last bar and hannah Maslows and I was fine with that. I also knew that it was a kit and was still under development by the various kit owners and that was the reason for the open source status. Bar and Hannah sourced all of the hard to get components for the kit, bundled them and sold them at a very minor profit, developed the software to control the unit at no extra cost to the end buyer.
If I personally required specialized shipping and handling (courier?) I would have arranged it myself and just have the seller ship to a “local address” (same country of origin, in this case somewhere in the USA) and have it reshipped from there by a trusted friend, relative, or business associate.
Just my personal thoughts on this matter.

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Jim that is a reasonable mature reply and Hannah did try, but failed to understand the delays in a normal post and why I asked for a courier. She was also well aware that the original kit sent by post and paid for by me took 14 weeks to arrive. The only issue with your statement is that Maslow does not provide an address or phone numbers so its impossible to arrange yourself.

If i order something from America or China , i expect stuff can go wrong , no matter how much money i spend… the chance still keeps to be 1 out of 10 goes totally wrong.
Playing with bigger numbers (of money) doesnt change that risk…
Sorry to say this, but dude, better luck next time , its just opensource parts that you can order in a different ways also…
But really nice that they tried to help you out double extra extra extra in any case…