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Motor bracket availability


I am ready to build the parallelogram chain machine. It looks like the only things I need from the Maslow store are 2 motors and cable, the Arduino shield, and a compression bit. But I also need the motor brackets which are not listed. Are they included with the motors?

Also, since I need to source some double row sprockets, what is the motor shaft diameter, length, and shape(single flat, double flat?)


Motor shaft is 8mm, one side flat reducing to 7mm. Shaft length total ~14.6mm, flat length ~12mm.
Ordering the motors separately did not give me the motor brackets.
Edit: This one looks close to what I have bought:


Thanks for that info.
I thought I found a suitable sprocket 10 Tooth 8mm D-Bore Sprocket for #25 Chain
but the width is 7mm, so 2 of them stacked is 2mm past the end of motor shaft. Tapping the end of the motor shaft might be suitable to hold them on.
Does anyone know if the motor shaft is hardened?
have a source for 8mm D shaft?
8mm bore double row 10 tooth sprockets?


I think that these are the brackets you need:


I have added this to the BOM that shows Alternate Suppliers at