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Motor Fail - How can I get a new one


Pretty sure I have a motor failure. Left motor failed. Switched cables right motor failed. See screen shot.

How can I get a new one?



When you switched cables, I assume you just swapped which port the cable was plugged into, correct? Did you try disconnecting/reconnecting the cable to the motor to make sure it’s making good contact? Did you try swapping the cable complete (i.e., take the left cable and plug it into the right port AND right motor and then vice versa with the right cable onto the left motor and port). If the fail stays on the left motor then, then it’s likely the motor… but if it changes, then its likely the cable.


I did it at the motor, but I will give it a shot at the board as well.



I had a problem where one of my motors sounded horrible like a gear had been chewed up. Turned out that the cable wasn’t inserted well into the the controller.


Ya definitely motor, all combinations of cords, and double checking always has the same motor fail.

Best place for a motor, Maslow Surplus?


How many hours would you say is on the failed motor?


thank you


Not a ton. Total running time, probably less then 24 hours. I ordered another from Maslow Surplus.

Thank you