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L Motor Failure

Purchased the Maslow in June and am finally getting to setting this up. Already had to order a new bearing for the tensioning system (screw broke through and caused the center piece to break free of the bearings).

Nearing the end of the calibration process and the Left Motor will move about 5 degrees CCW and fail - will not turn CW. Running motor test shows L motor 1 and 2 fail. R motor pass and Z axis fail.

Switched cables for L and R motors with R motor failing. Unplugged everything - replugged everything with same issue.

Noticed the sound when L motor kicks on is different than before. Assuming the L motor has been damaged why would the Z-Axis be damaged also.

Any suggestions?

The switch of the cables making the right motor fail makes me think the issue might me with the shield or the shield or the cables, but maybe I am understanding wrong. Did you switch them at the motor end or on the arduino side?

It is normal for them to sound a little different since they run at different PWM frequencies due to pin limitations within the Arduino so I wouldn’t worry too much about the sound difference.

I switched the cables on the Arduino end.

Do you see the same behavior when switching the cables at the motor end? We have seen a wire fail once (so rare, but possible)