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Motor type, compatible, amazon

i have found these on amazon and not sure if they would work for the maslow. i am sourcing the parts myself and looking for more affordable options.

that’s similar to what the maslow uses, but with a different gearbox on it
(faster, but producing far less torque), you may lack the force to move a sled
to the top center.

David Lang

You also want to select a motor with an encoder which will be used to read the machine’s position.

i used these A58SW 555B 12V Worm Gear Motor And Gear Motor Dc 24v With Motor Encoder And Self Locking For DIY,Robot,Rotating Table Door etc.|worm gear motor|gear motor dc12v worm gear motor - AliExpress
for my build which seem to be doing the job

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If interested i can put some pics up of my build, i may have spare driver pcbs if your interested unpopulated though


Yes. Let me to see please

Sorry for not replying, will try and get some pics up asap.

finally got around to taking some picture sorry for delayimage3 (3)
image2 (4)
image1 (4)
image0 (3)
image3 (2)
image2 (3)
image1 (3)
image0 (2)
image0 (1)
image1 (2)
image2 (2)
image3 (1)

image5 (1)

its very crude but works all components including driver pcb were assembled by myself the and thanks to DLang for the linkage drawings so i could get one made

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Nice work!!! :+1: :+1:

This is an excellent build.

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Thank you, but it was only achievable because of this forum and questions people had already asked