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Motor type, compatible, amazon

i have found these on amazon and not sure if they would work for the maslow. i am sourcing the parts myself and looking for more affordable options.

that’s similar to what the maslow uses, but with a different gearbox on it
(faster, but producing far less torque), you may lack the force to move a sled
to the top center.

David Lang

You also want to select a motor with an encoder which will be used to read the machine’s position.

i used these A58SW 555B 12V Worm Gear Motor And Gear Motor Dc 24v With Motor Encoder And Self Locking For DIY,Robot,Rotating Table Door etc.|worm gear motor|gear motor dc12v worm gear motor - AliExpress
for my build which seem to be doing the job

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If interested i can put some pics up of my build, i may have spare driver pcbs if your interested unpopulated though

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Yes. Let me to see please