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Does someone know exactly how long this pre-made cable is? Would it work for a 13’ top beam with the shield mounted in the centre?

The last I received with motors are 195mm ~ 7.67717inch hand stretched.
Edit: 1950mm ~ 76.77165 inch. Thank blurfl.

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The ones I got recently (four months?) were 74 inches long… they probably wouldn’t stretch to the ends of a 13 foot beam.
Digikey has the connectors and crimp-on pins, though you could buy pre-crimped jumpers and solder them onto longer wires if you don’t have a way to do the crimping.

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My stock motor cables from the kit shipped this last Spring were just long enough for my 12’ beam…

If you raise the Brains up to near the top beam, you might be able to make the stock cables work.

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Thanks everyone!
I’ll crimp up some of my own then.

I bet the original kit used 22AWG ?
Ive got some 20AWG which would probably be good for the longer distance.

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I would like to buy the motor wire.
How can I buy it ?
I live in Seoul KOREA.

@Maslow_Surplus_Parts can probably help you out

Could anybody help me out, telling me what the length for the Z-Axis motor cable should be (with a top beam frame)? Is there any advantage in connecting the Z-Axis from below rather than the top?

The advantage in using a bottom connection is that gravity keeps the cord away from your router bit and sled. Using a top mounted connection means that when the sled is near the top of the sheet, your cable is hanging from the top of the sheet to below the sled, and can be run over by the router.

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thank you Jatt, thats very useful advise!