Motor wrong direction during check

So I need some clarification. When I was starting to run the check motor action at first I couldn’t get my left motor Tom run. I noticed that if i moved the plugs on the board around I could get the motor moves to match the correct motor. Started to run calibration and had to flip the chains around to get a distance. I got a negative number. When I ran the check motor action again I noticed that the direction 1 and 2 were swapped on one of the motors. So my first question is the directions from the left motor to the right motor supposed to match? I.E. direction 1 is always cw and 2 is ccw? Or are they inverse of each other. I.e. left direction 1 is cw and right direction 1 is ccw? I’m thinking maybe the shield is bad, or installed incorrectly.

Direction 1 should raise the sled on both motors, direction 2 lower it. The cw/ccw of direction 1 changes when the top/bottom chain attachment choice is made.