Motors not responding #2

Having an issue getting the motors to work. Everything is plugged in correctly and the firmware is up to date but when I try to calibrate the system I get nothing. I keep receiving a port 3 timeout, Any advice would be much appreciated.

Does the motor test fail?

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This is often due to one of several things:

  • the firmware has not been successfully loaded to the Arduino
  • the Arduino IDE still has control of the serial port (quit the Arduino IDE when the firmware is done loading)
  • the wrong serial port is chosen in GC

isn’t this also commonly caused by plugging the power into the arduino instead
of into the motor shield

David Lang


Plugging power into the wrong board causes the situation where the connection is stable
(not timing out) but the motors don’t move.

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I appreciate all the quick responses. It looks like it was an issue with the firmware downloading on my PC. After about the third try i was finally able to get the motors running for the calibration test. Thanks again!