Motors sound like they start and stop while runing

I am traying to run the machine without isues still; in a post before I ask about zig zag problems, from this days to today i build a ring system sled, this one

when i run a gcode that i create with dxfto gcode, the motors sound like they run-stop-run-stop… I dont know if the problem is the gcode or de maslow ground control… may be if anyone run this code can tellme if this is the problem or not, and if not… what is the problem?

the gcode is this
Cuadernas sin agujeros-3-qcad.ngc (5.2 KB)

and here is a video where you can hear the motors and may be see the sled an sprok how it stop and start

here the sprockets

any help please…

I’ve just started having a look at your GCode, because that’s the stuff that I’m learning.

A few observations about it to start with:

  1. It uses line numbers, the N values, these aren’t necessary and the NIST spec actually recommends not using them. So if you can turn these off in the software you use to generate the .ngc file then I’d recommend doing that.
  2. There’s an initial G0 Z50. That’s a big height to raise the router, and I’m assuming that it’s in millimeters of course. It is just before a tool change command T1 M6, so maybe it’s to allow for that. But if you’re not changing tools then you could get rid of this.
  3. There’s no proper ‘preamble’ of set up codes before you get cutting, apart from the tool change. So for example there’s no G21 to set the units to millimeters (which is the important one that you are missing), and there’s no G17 to set the cutting plane to XY (this is assumed, but it is still good practice to put it in there if you have arcs G2 or G3 in your code).

Here’s a sample ‘preamble’ that you can have at the very start of your file:

G21 (Length units: Millimeters)
G94 (Set Feed Rate Mode: length units or degrees, per minute)
G90 (Set Distance Mode: Absolute)
G17 (Plane selection: XY)
G40 (Cutter Radius Compensation: Off)
G49 (Tool Length Offset: None)

For people doing GCode by hand, it’s often easier to swap out some of the above codes(G90, G40 and G49 in particular) and replace them with the relevant values. But I’m assuming you’re not doing that.

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Yes, as mentioned by md8n, the G21 is missing and the Z move of 5 cm is strange (it is also at the end of the file).
The next thing that strike me was line 6 with a Z move at a feed rate of 0.

N60 G1 Z-4 F0

Camotics will not run the file this way, changed it to F600 and it ran. Looks like a single cut at 4 mm depth.

There is also only 1 F600 for a Y-move (line 7). I guess all moves are run at that speed. A better way is to define G0, G1 and G2 move feed-rates at the beginning of the file.

The next strange thing is the missing G-Commands from line 74 to line 96 and single line x and y commands.
Tolerant machines will just use the G-command used last, this is what Camotics does, not sure how the Maslow will deal with this.
Kind regards, Gero

Edit: You might also want to look at your qcad file at what is happening at the bottom. The is a 'fluctuation" in Y up to 1,6mm.

Thank you for your help, this afternoon I am going to run it following your recomendations.
By the way I have to learn other gcode generator other than dxf2gcode…

best regards

ok, out the router and put a pencil

the original dxf it could be wrong becasue drawing it its the same

I add others figures and are very very well, dimensions, strightness… anverything

Google Photos

Google Photos

may be the stair is not very well, and one of the lines … not very stright, but the sled dont run very smooth over the styrofoam, if have littles bumps…

I am going to work on the sled base.

thank you for your support