Move router around Cut area in ground control

We use the Maslow in our Makerspace, a number of our members have asked if there is a way to move the router to show the “cut area”. They are use to our laser cutters where we have a test button in the software to make sure they are staying in the work area. The expected result would be the bit moves to linearly around the four corners of the cut area. Does this exist in Ground Control, (I couldn’t find it) if not how could I request this to be added?


As far as I can tell the GC calculates the full sheet and will stop slightly out side the ‘pictured sheet in GC’ to prevent damage. (Or is that only for the top? ) Correct settings as in the picture is mandatory to calculate that.

Try for viewing only to set bedwith/height to same number and view the difference in GC.
(warning, after changing settings back to normal, close, unplug adruino and plug it back before opening GC again.

A feature request can be submitted on GitHub under (I guess GC, but might require FW change also). Open a new issue and it will be labeled as feature request.

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Edit: Tested:

Edit to the edit: Only tested that GC changes the view. Not tested if it will stop on the sides.
If (rare) GC x0/y0 is identical with the center of your sheet, then the outlined sheet is your cutting area.
If calibration is off, let say GC assumes 0/0 lower then actual, it will not move to the top edge, but go lower then the bottom edge.

Ground Control does not currently have a function to run a box around the area
the g-code would affect.

This would require that GC analyze the g-code to find the min/max x/y to define
the rectangle. It’s a good feature to have, but it’s not something that
currently exists.

David Lang

FWW - I see this all the time. CNC routing is diffrent form Laser cutting. Laser cutting is diffrent form 3D printing. 3D printing is diffrent form CNC routing. While some features in differing software seem handy to be like what you’er used to, often there are diffrent guiding principles in the base design of the system that differentiates the design choices. I’ve not see any software good at all 3 technologies at the same time. I feel like a 5 axis router with a 3D printer could make some really cool stuff. The strengths of both could work well together. Yet it has not happened.

This is an Open Source project so you are free to add any feature you want to your own fork and share it. Do you have any resident programmers at your Makerspace?

One other option to get this as an instant feature would be to put a camera on it and run an air job - run it with no bit in the router to verify your Gcode before committing material. There are also ways to use a pen or pencil to draw a verification first.

I hope this helps

Thank you

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I agree each technology has some good features that would be nice if ported to the other. Up until now I have been saying No that is not an option. But I wanted to make sure I was not missing it. I will talk with people here and see if anyone wants to take up this task and add it to the repo.

Thanks @Bee and @dlang

As an alternative, Ground Control has the ability to use a picture of your current work-piece as the background. That way you can visualize the gcode shown in Ground Control on top of what you will actually be cutting. Super helpful when trying to cut something out of material you’ve already cut from before.

Here is a link to the github pull/merge that added this feature, it includes info on how to add the image as the background:

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